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  • The foundation to your training should be engagement and relationship. 
  • Keep your expectations fair and realistic
  • If you expect something, then expect it every time you ask for it
  • Think about treats in terms of ‘units of a reward’ for effort
  • Remember repetition, NOT duration. Five 1-minutes sessions can be better than one 5-minute session
  • Mark for action, feed for position
  • Name a perfect behavior, not an imperfect behavior. Get the quality you want before you tell the dog what it is called
  • Work on generalization to work on getting the behavior to happen in a variety of environments and situations
  • The challenge level should always be that in which your dog can succeed
  • Ask your dog what they are capable of doing. Do not over-face your dog

Puppy Training: Where to Start?

  • How does my puppy learn?
  • Understanding the types of rewards we can use
  • Hierarchy of rewards
  • Housebreaking
  • Crate training
  • Addressing separation anxiety, attachment and independence/confidence
  • Addressing jumping
  • Addressing play biting/mouthing 
  • Understanding elements of distance, distraction, duration
  • Nutrition
  • Exposure to noises and the real world/surface exposure
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Marker word/clicker training
  • Learning name, focus, engagement
  • Recall
  • Impulse control/leave it
  • Resource guarding/trading objects/"give"
  • Sits & downs
  • Release cues
  • Hand touches & touching objects
  • Heeling & walking
  • Stay
  • Shaping (sending to bed/mat)
  • Socialization

Basic Training :
Training is a Jounrey

Have a game plan before you begin training so you are prepared for progression and challenges that may occur. You should identify your hierarchy of rewards and your criteria for behaviors you may be working on. "Take stock" in your training often.

Training Tools

Find your passion for dog training and problem solving using motivational methods! Build a relationship with your dog. 

Problem Solving

Teach Me More!


If you're feeling like your dog needs more mental and physical stimulation...a little bit of increased fitness may be just what your dog needs! In addition to walking, how about teaching front and rear end awareness? How about utilizing agility equipment for confidence building and overall health and wellness?