TGIF! Took a few minutes this morning to work six weaves again - this time with Settler's top choice - a tennis ball. While we will continue to work consistency and speed, we will also need to work some distance. Pleased with this less than 10 minute session today. Sometimes he gets too excited for the ball to be thrown that he cannot work through it and skips poles. Here was one of our better attempts. 

While we do not have anything in particular in mind for public outings over the next few days, we will get back to therapy practice soon. Our eighth class at Lucky Dog Company in Naples, FL is on Monday evening. While the classes are wonderful - it is the work put in OUTSIDE of class that makes all the difference. I was pleased with our work at the park earlier in the week, so finding a bench with people passing by seems to be a good choice to work on calmness. Our biggest challenge is still the meet and greets and physical exam, so I know it is important to keep working him in different environments with this challenge. At the same time, proofing on our sits, downs, stays, and recalls in new environments with new distractions is also very important. I would also like him (and myself) to be more relaxed in the presence of other dogs - especially other reactive dogs.