Reflecting on this Journey. It's Only the Beginning.

Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:6

There are so many choices we make throughout our daily lives. Some big, some small. The past year posed some ups and downs personally and professionally, but challenges come and go. The first part of 2016 felt like a new beginning when I decided to continue to pursue dog-sitting as Walker Ranch and backed out of what seemed at the time a great opportunity to merge my business and open a commercial facility.  

As I then continued to focus on my own business I was feeling extremely refreshed and I was also surrounded by a wonderful support system and group of people. While they may not even know it, their daily examples of faith and generosity started getting me to think of ways that I could better help or serve others...besides just offering accommodations for client's dogs. 

It is then I realized why my Dalmatian was placed in my life. This Dalmatian, Settler, brought me a closeness with a family that I consider to be my own. They inspire me and encourage me on a daily basis and it helps to keep me determined that my little, energetic Dalmatian could be such a wonderful platform to really help other people. I never had much interest in pursuing therapy until I saw Settler's love for people...and his contagious smile (yes, Dalmatians can smile!). 

While we are only at the very beginning stages of our therapy journey (we have hardly even begun!) I am so excited the lives we may change just by simply making someone smile. Whether it is a lonesome elder in a nursing home, a child in a court room, an individual with an addiction, or someone with a life-threatening illness....I cannot wait to be a therapy team and make a difference.

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