Family Time

This past week my sister's family stayed in town at Walker Ranch. My sister and her husband have a 14 month old and a three year old (absolutely wonderful children!). This was a great test for both Chesnee and Settler to see how they would react to little people running around. I knew Settler's love for children - but I was not sure how well he would be able to contain himself in the presence of constant movement. 

To my surprise, both dogs were awesome. Settler was responding to cues given by the three year old and he interacted very well with both children (lots of kisses!). Chesnee, to my surprise, also did very well considering she is not really a "kid dog." My sister's three year old adores her and I was happy to see them getting along so well (and in fact Chesnee CHOOSING to be near her and ask to get pet). On the last evening when Chesnee was trying to sleep and the three year old tried to crowd her space was the only time I heard Chesnee give a warning growl that she did not appreciate that. I nicely explained to Savannah that Chesnee was tired and was just letting her know what she was doing was making her uncomfortable. 

Beyond having family time Settler and Chesnee also made it to their classes this past week. Settler participated in a public outing and Chesnee participated in her second Canine Good Citizen class. Settler was very distracted in a new environment so I opted to use his gentle leader to avoid constant pulling, stopping, or changing direction. He did have some reaction to other dogs so I will need to work on my response as well as catching it before it happens. 

Chesnee did very well in her Canine Good Citizen class and I am happy with her progression.

Tomorrow Settler will participate in another public outing and we will also get back on agility training. We have lots of work to do.