It's Already July

Hoping everyone had a great Fourth! 

We took the last few days "off" since Settler was digging in the yard and ended up ripping the side of his paw pad. While he is limping around and taking it easy, Chesnee is taking the front seat and will prepare for her first Canine Good Citizen class tomorrow evening. It will be the beginning of her therapy journey! I am interested to see how she does since I have not set her criteria quite as high as Settler's when it comes to basic movements such as a down, or waiting to be pet. 

Once Settler's foot gets better we will take this month to focus more on public outings while Chesnee stays in a class setting. Tomorrow will be a good indication of where Chesnee is at and what she needs to work on in order to continue her journey. I look forward to a great class...and this time with a totally different dog!