Back on Track

These past couple of weeks have been very busy with dog-sitting and dog daycare. Unfortunately for my personal dogs, they sometimes take the back burner so I can appropriately accommodate my boarders and daycare dogs. 

Chesnee has finished up with her four weeks of Canine Good Citizen and it is apparent to me she needs some additional work in public and around other dogs. As soon as the CGC test is available to take through Lucky Dog Company, we will test. 

Settler has went through a few rounds of Canine Good Citizen - but will not be ready to test for a while. He (and me) needs some work in public situations as he can get very stressed in new environments. He also needs work around other dogs as the more unfamiliar and uncomfortable he is, the more reactive he can be with other dogs. We are currently participating in Community Canine, but will not be able to test until we pass the Canine Good Citizen. He is very immature and will need lots of practice on a variety of skills. 

In the upcoming weeks I am hoping to individually walk both Settler and Chesnee to get them in new environments and practice with them in social settings. Chesnee is a great loose leash walker but Settler unfortunately is very strong and will pull when he catches a scent. I have been trying to avoid walking in the gentle leader since they cannot test with it. For him in particular it seems to be more of a nuisance than it does a help. 

I am hoping to get back on track this upcoming week (although the weather has been so hot and gloomy) in order to keep things moving and see some progress. I am also looking forward to agility starting back up again as well.