simple indoor drills

it's hot in florida. and we're lazy. let's face it. while exhausting our dogs physically always seems to be exactly what they need, a lot of people forget the mental aspect of it (yes! work your dog almost each day at least for a few minutes on their skills!). while settler the dalmatian certainly enjoys training and understands "shaping" it is always enjoyable doing a quick session with him to challenge his brain and help him learn new things. 

i have wanted a "hold" for a while, but have not put the time in consistently to get one. however, settler has a real strong retrieve and ability to touch objects when asked, so that is where i started again. he has mastered fetching the remote fairly decently, but today i wanted to try the dumbbell again, and also my sandal...just because it was in arms reach. 

it makes it easier to video yourself because i am able to tell my timing is a little off. i also can see when i am being consistent and more inconsistent with my criteria. 

i am certainly looking forward to being able to put more time in with basic training and also back on the therapy wagon with lucky dog. more to come soon!