Strong Foundations

So here I am, backtracking. Well, not really backtracking...but returning back to foundational behaviors in order to make them stronger. Perhaps there were some I missed, skipped over, or moved through too quickly. I need to tighten up things I have allowed, and I am OK with that.

In my spare moments I find myself setting up a less than five minute video shoots recording behaviors such as hand touches, retrieves to a basket, tight circling around a cone, and successful ball throwing sessions where my dog does not detour off to take a pee break. And in the end? And in the end this is all preparation to get back started out on the agility field. So while it may not be DIRECTLY related (or seem to be so), I know it is. I know the expectations set will carry over. 

While I often find myself encouraging others to work their foundations regularly, here I am...working mine. And not only that, I video my sessions so I can watch them back - my timing, my body motions, my verbal cues, my dogs behaviors, his mannerisms, etc. AND THEN I also submit them to another trainer I am working closely with on my agility journey with my dogs. I cannot wait to clean up some of the things that have caused challenges for me and my dogs. I cannot wait to see the progress. 

The second part of all this is a completely new avenue for me. I found a certified NACSW instructor and am getting very much into nosework. In fact, I am obsessed. Eventually the dogs will search odor inside, outside, on vehicles, and in containers. It is a sport where your dog is in charge. I have put some time into learning about how a dog's nose works and how odor travels through the air to be a better teammate to my dog. I started with an online course, and was so intrigued I knew I had to find something live! It is absolutely fascinating. What's the dog can use its natural abilities...its nose! 

I am so incredibly excited about my agility journey and nosework journey!