Practice Makes Perfect

I am only three weeks into Nosework! Both dogs are doing quite well but it is interesting to see their different personalities and how they work when searching. When I initially started, I started on my own through an online school. It used a clicker method immediately on odor; clicking when your dog chose the "hot" tin -- the one with odor in it (opposed to the empty). It did not necessarily teach the "hunt" which is the nice part about taking classes with an instructor. I am undecided on which may work best for me, but I do like that the hunt or the "search" is being taught. 

In the first couple of weeks the food was hidden within a box. The dogs would search from box to box. Now, the food is not necessarily in a box -- but perhaps on, or hidden somewhere completely different. It also may be elevated or slightly hidden. Placement of the boxes do however, help trap the scent. In Chesnee's search #2 you can see the clear head snap as she catches odor walking past the yellow DeWalt box where the food is in between the basket and the box. She does quickly check in video #1, and as she passes the yellow DeWalt box by the couch you can see her head turn as she catches the scent as she was going to walk past it.

For Settler's first search the food is easily trapped in a large box. He however, really enjoys hunting and searching...and taking his time to do so. He is also not as comfortable with large objects around him, so I want to work him to become more comfortable going inside something. I almost felt once he knew where it was, it was too easy so he wanted to keep searching. Therefore he left primary, and continued to search. 

His second search was also quite simple. I did not think it would be as easy, but I put a box behind to help trap scent. He almost immediately found it. I will regroup for additional searches later in the week to add in more challenges.