Give Your Dog a Bone.

One of my passions is canine health and wellness. I started raw feeding in 2015 when I purchased my Dalmatian puppy, Settler. My breeder, Mary Lynn Jensen, Ph.D, of Woodwynd Dalmatians has been a long time advocate of a raw diet for canines and she initially peaked my interest. All of her litters are started on a raw diet well before they are available to go to their new homes. I was constantly a student of her knowledge in so many areas of health and wellness and was immediately hooked.

After thoroughly researching the topic in an effort to learn as much information as possible (I was greatly inspired by her wealth of knowledge) about the pet food industry, the digestive tract of the canine, and about raw food itself I realized that some of the health concerns I was experiencing with my other dog perhaps could be improved, or even solved entirely. Over the years I have worked with many dog owners and the results of diet change have been nothing short of amazing.

In 2018 I received my Certificate of Completion in Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs.

Homemade Meals During Your Dog's Overnight Stay:

You are able to take advantage of homemade raw dog meals during you dog's stay at the Dog Ranch! Simply just add it onto your reservation request form


There is no doubt that someone must be open minded and willing and ready to learn when it comes to diet change. We all formulate opinions, read articles, talk to different professionals that help shape our judgement which sometimes make the change very difficult. However, if you take the time to do your OWN research and make the change, you will be pleasantly surprised.

I truly enjoy educating about home-cooked and raw diets. I am happy to offer guidance at no charge to those who are wanting to transition or implement fresh, whole foods into their dog's diet. 

Ready to Do It Yourself?

Everyone always asks where I get the food to prepare my dog’s food. Due to the volume I need, I order in bulk and have it shipped directly to my doorstep! You can too. Receive a discount on your first order through Raw Feeding Miami! If you cannot find what you need locally, Raw Feeding Miami will have what you need and then some!