Private Overnight Board & Train

While it is certainly wonderful to send your dog off somewhere for training, most people expect when their dog returns after a couple of days to automatically uphold perfect skills and manners without consistency, time, or effort on their end. Unfortunately, that is not the case. While your dog may come home with a new set of skills and behaviors (OVER TIME!), it is important to reinforce what we want and perhaps change ourselves and our habits in order to see a change with our dogs (yes, it has a lot to do with training the human). Just like a person, if you want to achieve a particular skill, you must practice to remain good at it…and remain practicing to become great under all circumstances.

From experience, most dog owners choose to send their puppy or dog off somewhere, but never do anything afterwards to ensure their dog is able to continue to complete those tasks and skills. While in-home lessons at the client’s home generally keep owners most accountable, involved, and able to work their dogs 1v1, there are overnight board & train options available at the Dog Ranch.

- send your dog to the Dog Ranch specifically for training
+ minimum of two weeks, 14 full days = $1,260.00 (10% discount)
+ 1 month (30 days), = $2,550 (15% discount)
- may include follow up videos so you can continue skills at home
- it is recommended to book a follow up 1v1 in-your-home lesson to review skills
- shorter term board & trains may be offered; begins at $100 per day per dog

To get started with a private board & train stay, please fill out the required overnight application