I hear it time and time again, "my dog just won't come when he is called." Many dog owners become frustrated and confused with recall since many proudly announce how well their dog listens inside the house and become increasingly frustrated when they don't listen because they are outside. This often times also turns into the, oh, so rewarding game of chase which reinforces not coming since it is so much fun for the dog to run away! Catch me if you can! 

Things to consider:

  • The environment and its many distractions
  • The distance at which you are calling your dog from
  • The fact that you may be calling your dog without having his attention at all
  • If you are more valuable than the distractions

Where to start to build a strong recall:

  • Make sure your dog knows his name and that it means to look at you
  • Build value for your dog being at your side and engaging with you