raw meaty bones

so let's face it. i am a savage. i have a big powerful jaw meant for ripping and tearing meat. it's what i do. do i make a bit of a mess on the floor eating the bone...well of course i do. but mom cleans up and we move on. it is all part of this raw diet thing. 

lemme break it down for you. us dogs are carnivores. through raw meaty bones (RMB) we get a natural form of calcium which will help you get big and strong like me. calcium is also very important to skeletal health. 

the best part about RMB is you CAN eat the whole thing. the bones are "soft bones" and don't splinter which makes them safe for us. on the contrary, don't let your human feed you a cooked bone. when bones are cooked it changes the structure of it making them hard to digest and more prone to splinters.