the ground rules

ok, so let's get a few things straight. my name is settler and my motto is obvious; if you ain't first you're last. survival of the fittest! and to be have to take care of yourself. mind, body and soul. and let me tell you, my mom has done a nice job when it comes to researching nutrition for us four-leggers. and to make it easy i am going to start sharing with you what i call 'Settler's Secrets'....from the kitchen. 

well, let me tell you something else. i know i am incredibly handsome. i'm told i have a nice physique, that i am physically fit, intelligent, and pretty much good at everything i do (okay, maybe a bit arrogant too). but that all comes with health and wellness.

i think it's important we crack the first myth: that a raw diet is challenging for the human. it's not challenging. it is quite simple actually. if you know how to semi-balance a diet for yourself it is essentially the same for your dog. oh, i know what some of you are thinking. you have no clue how to balance a diet for yourself. ok, i guess i agree...i have seeing some of the foods you humans eat...and drop on the floor for that matter. some i do not even want.

i am healthy. if there is something wrong my mom always likes to thoroughly research to see what is going on and what the best approach is. does it really make sense for our people to pump us full of drugs (when we don't even really have an exact diagnosis) just to try to "guess" to fix something....when in reality the problem could become worse?