but how much?

ok dogs...if you want to be big and strong like me...your human just has to know the proper amount to feed you. i see so many dogs being overfed. pooping so much! i think to myself, wow can you believe what just came out of that little dog? and then i think about the ingredients some of you four-leggers are being fed. yuck!

so what is the rule? how much food? (don't worry we will get into the variety of meats another day).

for those of you used to scooping kibble using cups, we can convert. us dogs generally need 2-3% of our total body weight per day to maintain. now of course that may alter if weight loss or weight gain is needed. 

let's take me for example. i weigh a proud 55lb (or so). mom takes 3% of my body weight because i am very athletic and active (and pretty lean)...and i am still in-tact. i am a young male! that = 1.65lbs per day (and really it gets rounded up to about 2lb per day for me). now if you have a food scale you could split that in two (because all dogs should at least be fed twice per day), but lets make even easier and figure out about how many cups that is. (even though weighing would be most accurate).

Two chicken backs mixed with some tripe and a fish oil pill. Oh, the variety.

Two chicken backs mixed with some tripe and a fish oil pill. Oh, the variety.

1.65lbs = 26.4 ounces. now take yourself back to what you humans call math (or google...i hear you can google anything these days). 8 ounces = 1 cup. in 26.4 ounces there is 3.3 cups. that is 1.65 cups per meal. (would be most accurate to weigh a cup though for accurate numbers)

but again...all a guideline. when she looks at me and tells me i am looking lean i get more (and maybe some extra carbs like sweet potato or something). i am a lean, mean, fighting machine.

for those of you interested in raw you could start with the pre-made "complete" patties. then once you are feeling brave you can get real creative (and save money) by buying in bulk or just getting 5lb logs of meats in many flavors.  

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