mussels for my muscles

one of the best things about a raw diet is the creativity. would you want to eat the same thing every single day? an overcooked crunchy piece of scrap? you really need to know what you are feeding humans! you cannot just believe that kibble is an ideal diet when in reality there are so many fillers to allow it to keep it shape. why would you not want the healthiest option for us!? 

 i hear humans all the time saying "oh, i just don't have time for raw." and, well, i am not entirely sure what that means. raw is so much more fun than kibble and it is just as easy to scoop out raw as it is to scoop out kibble (and may i mention much more beneficial and nutritious). you can switch up your proteins, you can add some different fun and enticing supplements and meal's great! good for picky eaters, good for dogs with health challenges and concerns (sure you may have to do some research to figure out WHAT based upon different health challenges)...but at the end of the day why not fix something through nutrition opposed to giant vet bills and medications (oh and perhaps no results or solid diagnosis....let's just keep guessing, right). 

so again, i challenge you to implement raw. just a tiny little bit! you can grab it from the grocery store, you can grab it from a butcher shop, or you can grab it from a natural dog food store. but just try! try, try, try! it is not hard! i promise you.