why kibble is a bad word

ok, so plain and simply, kibble is gross. do you even realize what you are touching? do you know what is in it? it's gross because of the low quality ingredients and fillers in yet. and what is even worse is you humans are being convinced that it is a decent diet (not even close, actually).

 i get fed raw because mom knows that it is the most nutritious thing for me in addition to some supplements. it's what i was made for. because...if you did not know...i am a savage.

while a lot of you folks out there are busy tracking macros and making sure to eat Paleolithic foods....what about us! how come our needs do not fall in line with how important nutrition is to you? instead you just believe all that marketing on tv (or the vet, yeah i said it) thinking those companies spend more on their actual products than they do on marketing. did you ever think WHY a vet is the only one to sell the prescription diet? why most are really not educated on much else? you realized that processed foods may be no good for you....but for what reason did you believe they were OK for us? have you ever thought to research a diagnosis? double checked to even make sure a diagnosis was accurate? checked to see what may be causing simple issues and how it can be fixed with proper nutrition (oh yeah, sort of like a human). 

let's face it. commercial pet food companies spend a lot more on sales and marketing and care more about the sales of their product than the actual food itself. how come you do not see raw food in the big box stores? maybe because perhaps they have a different mission? 

just take a look at the ingredients in your kibble. carbs, fiber, fillers....and crappy proteins. kibble simply remains around for convenience (oh yes, and not to mention all the $$$ that is in the industry). 

so, take a look at what is in your kibble today. and we will explore more about kibble. 

Settler prepping for dinner. 

Settler prepping for dinner.