Settler's Kitchen

Ready to DIY? Check out your local grocery store and take advantage of Raw Feeding Miami!

written by Settler: a mature and handsome (and did i say incredibly good looking) dalmatian.

my motto is simple. "if you ain't first, you're last" and how do you achieve that one might ask? first you must understand that nutrition is very significant in maintaing health and treating disease. proper nutrition is an essential foundation to health and wellness! so if you want to be "1st" you must be set up for success! (hurry, tell your human!).

you must educate your human as much as possible! they may have no idea the impact proper nutrition can have on us! encourage them to do as much research as they can possibly tolerate in order to put us four-leggers in the best possible position for success! success in our health. success in our athletic abilities. success in fending off and fighting any challenges that may come after us in our short lives. so hurry....tell them!

A very special thank you to Settler's breeder at Woodwynd Dalmatians for encouraging me to learn more about proper nutrition, health and wellness. Your knowledge and passion for dogs has impacted me to spread the good word of raw feeding and be encouraging to others to do their own research and gather as much knowledge as possible.