Get Acclimated!

the dog ranch has always taken a lot of pride in being honest with clients, over- communicating with detailed & transparent updates, and always having a dog’s best interest first and foremost. i will personally be the first one to tell a dog owner after meeting their dog if i do not feel we are the best fit. i will also tell them if i feel we need more time. sometimes i don’t know right away since a dog arrived stressed or over aroused; and i am not afraid to say that. there is no shame in being honest with someone…as i would want the same respect for my animals.

when the dog ranch was born eight years ago, it seems there were just a handful of commercial pet facilities around, and only a few private home pet-sitters. as of recent, it seems that private homes are popping up everywhere. there are also a handful of facilities that seem to pop up thinking that just because one is a dog lover…it means they are suitable to operate and care for the many different behaviors, personalities, and health challenges a dog may possess.

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what has allowed the dog ranch to be so successful well beyond just being passionate for dogs, is being able to hold the best interest of a dog over a dollar bill. almost all of my clients are word of mouth referrals. many of those referrals are individuals that are already boarding their dog overnight at a commercial facility or participating in a daycare program elsewhere. while the dog ranch is small, quaint, and cozy — one of the drawbacks is reaching maximum capacity quickly, and not always having the extreme flexibility that a commercial business would. however, we like to keep things personal, so it depends on how you look at it.

one thing that makes the dog ranch extremely special is the standard and expectation we hold each and every dog to. while new business is wonderful, we are not here to take on every single dog that comes through the gate if it means sacrificing the well being of other dogs or humans.

that being said, many dog owners make the assumption just because their dog passed the assessment at a big named facility..that they will be “just fine here.” unfortunately it has not always been the case. due to the lack of transparency at some places, i have come to realize they fail to communicate with dog owners the true observations of behaviors taking place. some owners have no idea how stressed, anxious, or disengaged their dogs become. some are not aware why their dog has stopped eating or has loose stool (and sometimes they don’t even know!).

my challenge to you…is no matter where you take your dog, or decide to take your dog in the future…ask the important questions. ask specifics about behavior, dog to dog interactions, and overall demeanor. it may just help you hold the best interest of your dog above all else…when not everywhere around will do that for you.