Let's Get Started!

1st step

fill out the required application and submit your vet records to info@dogranchnaples.com

2nd step

get your assessment scheduled. Once you submit your application you will recieve an email to schedule your assessment
complimentary two hour assessment OR upgrade to a half ($25) or full day ($40) of daycare. the assessment is on site at the dog ranch

3rd step

finalize your dates and services once your puppy or dog has successfully passed its assessment. once accepted, use the online reservation request to submit your dates

The Assessment Process


Fill out the online application above to take advantage of a free two-hour assessment for your puppy or dog(s).


- complimentary two-hour assessment
upgrade to a half or full day of daycare (daycare rates apply)
- dog attends assessment WITHOUT owner present to see how dog will react and function in a new setting


- initial greetings & reactions
- familiarization indoors & out
- introduction to a neutral dog
- evaluation of behavior, personality, demeanor
- evaluation of stress/anxiety
- house manners
- overall comfortability to exist in a new environment


- owner punctuality is just as important as your dog's behavior. be on time.
- please no retractable leashes
- food, toys, or treats are not necessary for the assessment
- please check your dog to ensure they are flea & tick free
- please inquire about breed and size restrictions and requirements
- dogs that are human aggressive or dog aggressive are not tolerated (may also include severe reactivity)

*All dogs are held to a high standard. If dominance, aggression, lack of control, excessive barking/whining or the inability to get along with others is observed once under care at the Dog Ranch, alternate arrangements will be recommended. The Dog Ranch is never willing to compromise the safety of any humans or dogs.

*The Dog Ranch does have breed and size restrictions.

It's Not Just a House, It's a Home.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.10.48 AM.png

- 2.5 acre fully fenced private residence
- licensed and insured
- annual property inspections

- nearly 24/7 supervision
- clean & well-maintained
- stress free with lots of love and personalized attention
- dogs are a part of the family

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.10.48 AM.png

- dog training experience
- AKC CGC evaluator
- pet first aid & cpr certified

- low volume of dogs
- neutral & social dogs all who have successfully completed an assessment
- crates, bowls, beds..it's provided
- crate-free experience available

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.10.48 AM.png

- surveillance cameras
- security system
- monitored fire alarms

- adequate rest & relaxation
- adequate mental & physical stimulation
- Board & Train options available

A Business Built on Integrity.

One of the best things about the Dog Ranch is the overnight private boarding accommodations inside of a comfortable and loving home. You can now have peace of mind when you leave your four-legged companion behind knowing he or she is just as much a part of the family here as they are at home. Please contact me for private boarding rates.


- part of the family accommodations
- replicate a similar schedule & environment
- socialization & fun
- an environment & business catered to your dog
- mental and physical stimulation
- Board & Train available
- limited number of dogs in a controlled environment


- the dog ranch supplies bowls, beds, toys, & a crate (if needed)
- just bring your dog!
- please pre-measure out your dog's meals or bring a 25lb bag or less to be scooped from
- please bring any treats (especially for Board & Train stays), vitamins, supplements or medications
- raw diets available (additional fee applies) per meal or in bulk (remainders taken home)


- multiple family member discounts available
- save $10.00 per dog
- long term stay discounts
- frequent traveller packages
- 10-19 days save 10%
- 20+ days save 15%

keep connected while you are away with texts, pictures, or calls!


join our private "members only" Dog Ranch Pack on Facebook to make sure you know about the latest updates, specials, & memos!


follow dog ranch naples on facebook to stay in touch with more updates and happenings at the ranch!


Take advantage of spa services, dog treats and chews, and even different training options for your dog during their overnight stay!

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 2.47.11 PM.png

Every Dog Has Its Day.

When you can't be there, the Dog Ranch can. Allow your dog this unique and incredible opportunity to roam and run on 2.5 fully fenced acres as part of the dog daycare program.


***Reservations required for daycare. Half Day rate equates to 4 hours or less.

  • socialization & fun
  • outlet for excess energy, both physical and mental
  • an opportunity for familiarization of the dog ranch
  • a safe and reasonable adult to dog ratio (there should never be more than 10-15 in any individual group no matter where you go)
  • yearly inspections to qualify the dog ranch as safe, well-maintained, and prepared in the event of an emergency
  • day-training program available
  • it's my job to educate dog owners on proper training techniques and to provide education and developmental stimulation
  • safe, secure, proper supervision
  • dogs can enjoy themselves with plenty of time & space to run and rest
  • positive reinforcement and force-free
  • experience and able to act upon dog communication
  • dogs should have a positive and stress-free experience being around or with dogs of similar size and temperament
  • consistent schedule and activities each day
  • organized play, education, feeding, cleaning, rest, etc.
  • stays true to the philosophy of care
  • having integrity and educating and clearly communicating with dog owners
  • behaviorally sound temperament evaluations
  • no rushed interactions or meetings with existing dogs
  • clear understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behavior
  • open communication if the dog is not having fun, is overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy 

*Dogs who have not attended the dog ranch in 365 days or more may be required to complete another assessment. Unused daycare sessions result in a dog ranch credit for overnights or future daycare days. No refunds will be issued for unused days. 

Harvey and Max during daycare!

Harvey and Max during daycare!

Pamper Your Pet.

The Dog Ranch is happy to provide your dog with different spa services during their daycare or overnight stay!

Bath & Blow Dry

*additional fees may apply for coat condition and coat length
*great option to get your dog cleaned up before pick-up

Nail Dremel

*it is recommended to have your dog's nails done frequently so they do not get too long

Daily Maintenance Brushing

Recommended for dogs that need brushing or combing due to matting fur. 

Ear Cleaning

*with essential oil ear solution

It's a Journey, not a destination.

There is no doubt when we invest time and money into dog training we want to see progress. However, the first question any dog owner should be asking when inquiring about dog training for their puppy or dog is not necessarily the "guaranteed results" a trainer can bring, but rather the method in which the results will be achieved. 

"My dog does something for me because he wants to, not because he has to."

I want a training session to be productive, engaging, and FUN. I believe training should be force-free using positive and progressive methods rather than reverting to traditional (force-based) training. Training should enjoyable and fulfilling.

Do you know what motivates your dog?

Do you find your dog will only do something when you're dangling a treat in its face? How about when you go into a public setting? It's time to take your training to the next level!

The Dog Ranch offers an private boarding option you can add dog-training onto during your dog's overnight stay. For more information, click on the button above!

The Dog Ranch offers an private boarding option you can add dog-training onto during your dog's overnight stay. For more information, click on the button above!

The Dog Ranch offers an in-your-home training option to tackle training and challenges in the dog's primary environment. For more information click on the button above!

The Dog Ranch offers an in-your-home training option to tackle training and challenges in the dog's primary environment. For more information click on the button above!

Take advantage of dog training during your dog's daycare stay. Add on 1v1 training sessions in addition to the socialization daycare offers. For more information click on the button above! 

Take advantage of dog training during your dog's daycare stay. Add on 1v1 training sessions in addition to the socialization daycare offers. For more information click on the button above! 

Some Options Include A Personalized Webpage!

Each training option offered by the Dog Ranch includes a personalized webpage specific to your puppy or dog. The page includes pictures, videos, and step by step information. 

Take a minute to see what Settler was capable of in the very first week of his life!

It is truly amazing how much a puppy or dog can learn. 

The Dog Ranch also has wonderful recommendations for dog agility training as well as group classes with local dog trainers. Depending on the wants and needs for your dog(s) it is important to find the right fit, 

Give Your Dog a Bone.

One of my passions is canine health and wellness. I enjoy educating about home-cooked and raw diets (do it yourself, or commercial). I am happy to offer guidance to those who are wanting to transition or implement fresh, whole foods into their dog's diet. You are able to take advantage of homemade raw dog meals during you dog's stay! Simply just add it onto your reservation request form.

If you need help beginning your raw feeding journey, I encourage you to follow Settler the Dalmatian and his feeding blog.

Ready to Do It Yourself?

Receive a discount on your first order through Raw Feeding Miami! If you cannot find what you need locally, Raw Feeding Miami will have what you need and then some!

Recommended Products:

Fish Stock, Goat Milk & Raw Diets

Raw Diets, Raw Meaty Bones, & Freeze Dried Treats

Freeze Dried Treats & Snacks

Safe & Healthy Chews (NOT rawhide)


Canine Conditioning

While canine nutrition is certainly something I am extremely passionate about, we cannot neglect the mental and physical well-being of our canine companions. There is no doubt that exercise is extremely important for dogs, but please keep in mind how important it is to implement a safe a realistic exercise plan!

It is important to understand canine anatomy, canine conditioning and physiology, exercise physiology and science, movement and gait, nutrition, common canine conditions, and programs.



Meet Nicole 

I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to open my home to care for so many puppies and dogs over the years. There is no better feeling than allowing a dog to thrive in a home environment while their owner is away. 

I am truly blessed for the amazing relationships I have built through this dog-sitting dream. While I completely and entirely love what I do, I am also super passionate about canine nutrition, canine conditioning, and overall health and wellness. My love for health and wellness is what led me to begin a section on canine nutrition and an informational website: www.rawfeedingnaples.com in hopes to help educate dog owners about proper diets, nutritional needs and supplements.


Home state: Wisconsin (go Badgers! go Pack!)
Degree: Sports Marketing & Business
Why Florida: I ventured down to Florida in 2008 my senior year of college to complete an internship in sports event planning. By the end of the internship I had met so many people and was working so many odd part-time jobs I didn't want to go back. This is when I realized no one shows up on time for work (confusing concept for us punctual midwest folk). 
The dog-sitting dream: I guess you could say it was a fortunate accident. I was expanding my knowledge in dog training and it made me miss the days when I was the neighborhood pet-sitter as a child. I was working in the fitness field and started watching member's dogs on the side when they went on vacation. The service was in such high demand I started a business. When I had to make a choice between my life in the "real" work world and my heart...I went with my heart. I never imagined the Dog Ranch would end up what it is today. I guess that's why they say follow your dreams!

If you didn't dog-sit: If dogs were not an option, without a shadow of a doubt, I love event planning and would seriously consider going back into the sports marketing world. 
Hobbies: Dog agility, dog therapy work, dog training, horses, road trips, sports (of course anything Wisconsin), grilling, friends, nutrition, spending time in the barn, training the donkeys and horse
Previous "real" jobs: Sports marketing in Collier County, marketing at Harley-Davidson, administrative/accounting at Real Fitness Naples
Animals: Currently a kind and loving mixed breed (Humane Society rescue) & high-drive liver spotted LUA Dalmatian. Both dogs participate in agility and odor detection as well as various other training tasks. I also have two mini donkeys & a quarter horse.