Your Dog's Home Away From Home. Truly.

It is my mission to give DOG owners peace of mind that their dog is being cared for in a safe, secure, and accommodating environment.  

My first dog on my own, Chesnee, laying on a brick in remembrance of my first family dog, Haylee. Haylee was given to us at eight weeks old from a high school senior classmate of mine, Niki Doedens (NLD). Sadly Niki passed away shortly before high school graduation in a car accident. Haylee was put to rest in 2014. "You can't make footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to make buttprints in the sands of time?"

My first dog on my own, Chesnee, laying on a brick in remembrance of my first family dog, Haylee. Haylee was given to us at eight weeks old from a high school senior classmate of mine, Niki Doedens (NLD). Sadly Niki passed away shortly before high school graduation in a car accident. Haylee was put to rest in 2014.

"You can't make footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to make buttprints in the sands of time?"

It's truly a dream come true to call dog-sitting my full time career. While dogs are my livelihood and way of life, dogs have also been my way of giving back. I am truly blessed for the amazing relationships I have built through this dog-sitting dream. While I completely and entirely love what I do, I am also super passionate about canine nutrition, canine conditioning, and overall health and wellness. My love for health and wellness is what led me to begin the Dog Ranch store in hopes to help educate dog owners about proper diets, nutritional needs and supplements.

The Dog Ranch is a 2.5 acre fully fenced property located in Naples, Florida. The Dog Ranch is licensed and insured and completes an annual property inspection by Domestic Animal Services. I have dog training experience, am an AKC CGC Evaluator, and am up to date and certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. The Dog Ranch also has surveillance cameras, a security system, and monitored fire alarms. 

While life still exists outside of dog-sitting (well, hardly) each day is dedicated to the dogs to ensure they can live life as close to their normal routine as possible receiving personalized attention and love in a home environment with a controlled number of dogs. 

Communication is a top priority and I enjoy being able to communicate with dog owners to make sure their dog is as comfortable and as stress-free as possible while staying at the Dog Ranch. 

The Dog Ranch
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Is the Dog Ranch a Good Fit for Your Dog?

Welcome! The Dog Ranch provides host-home dog sitting accommodations offering overnight care, daycare, dog training, and top of the line products you can take advantage of during your dog's stay or to order for your home! 

At the Dog Ranch your puppy or dog is cared for and supervised nearly 24-hours a day inside a comfortable and accommodating home with a limited number of canines. The luxurious 'vacation for dogs' is clean, secure and activity-filled for those who need room to run!

All dogs are required to complete an assessment before being accepted into daycare or overnight accommodations. Application and vet records must be submitted 12 hours in advance of the assessment taking place.

Requirements for Assessment
1. Completed Application
2. Up-to-date vet records (emailed to

Assessment (scheduled once application is received)
2 hours
Cost - $30.00 per dog (cash or check only)

Current Clients: Please utilize the CHANGE FORMS button above if you or your dog has had any changes in any of the categories below.

  1. Change in Dog's Information (feeding)
  2. Spay/Neuter
  3. Change of Owner Address or Information
  4. Change in Vet


*All dogs are held to a high standard. If dominance, aggression, lack of control, excessive barking/whining or the inability to get along with others is observed once under care at the Dog Ranch, alternate arrangements will be recommended. The Dog Ranch is never willing to compromise the safety of any humans or dogs.

***Ranch Rules:

  1. Please no retractable leashes. Please bring your dog on a 4 or 6 foot leash. 
  2. With regards to your arrival/departure time, whether you are running five minutes or five hours behind, please notify me as soon as possible.
  3. Please do not bring the entire food bag for your dog's stay. Pre-measured meals are best, or a smaller bag that can be scooped from.
  4. Please ALWAYS check your dog to ensure he or she is flea and tick free. 
  5. Please inquire about breed and size requirements/restrictions. Dogs that are human aggressive or dog aggressive are not tolerated.

It's Not Just a House, It's a Home.


The Outdoors
The Dog Ranch is licensed and insured and has an indoor and outdoor property inspection completed by Domestic Animal Services once per year.

The outdoor run is fenced in and dogs are never left unsupervised outdoors. The outdoor area is kept clean and well-maintained and has an adequate amount of shade for the hotter months of the year when dogs go out for their bathroom break or to interact with one another and stretch their legs.

Settler taking a dive to retrieve his tennis ball. 

Settler taking a dive to retrieve his tennis ball. 

It's Not Like A Home, It Is a Home.
The Dog Ranch takes on a limited number of well-behaved dogs neutral or social in temperament. To ensure the safety and well-being of each dog, it is important dogs can feel comfortable with the ability to relax and not be surrounded by constant barking or anxious behaviors as some owners may experience at some kennels. Since the Dog Ranch is a primary residence, there is almost always someone on-site (with the exceptions of life commitments or errands). 

For safety there are also surveillance cameras, security system, and monitored fire alarms. 

The Dog Ranch loves being able to allow dogs the 'run of the house,' however a dog with the ability to be crated is highly recommended. It is important that dogs are kept secured upon the arrival and departure of dogs, especially when a first timer is visiting for an assessment. It is also nice for social dogs to take a break in their own space to relax and get rest. As a safety precaution is it nice to keep dogs separated at times there may be guests coming into my home, during meal prep, bad storms, fireworks, etc. If you have specific requirements or concerns it is recommended to set up the assessment to see if your dog is a good fit for the Dog Ranch. 

A Business Built on Integrity.

Allow your dog the luxury of a home away from home! The Dog Ranch offers top of the line accommodations designed to meet your dog's needs. The standard of care includes ensuring your dog feels safe and secure and as stress-free as possible. The Dog Ranch also offers a Board & Train option for owners wanting their dog trained during their stay. This may be a suggested option if in order to suitably accommodate a dog, training is recommended.

If you are interested in overnight accommodations please visit the GET STARTED page to start the application process!

If you are in need of accommodations in august 2017, please reach out immediately. limited availability and closures falling over specific dates.

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Overnight Add-Ons

  • Products (please view our product page for available add-on products)
  • Spa Services
    • Bath and Blow Dry $35.00
    • Nail Dremel $15.00
    • Daily Maintenance Brushing $15.00
    • Ear Cleaning $5.00
  • Dog Walking
    • 30 Minute Walk $15.00
    • 30 Minute 1v1 Walk with Loose Leash Training $30.00
  • Canine Conditioning
    • 30 Minute Conditioning $30.00 (1v1 working session utilizing agility equipment)

Extended/Long Term Stays

The Dog Ranch offers extended stay overnight care discounts. Discount packages begin at 10 days or longer. If you are a frequent traveller you also have the ability to purchase an extended stay package and use for shorter stays and still take advantage of the discount. For more information please Contact Nicole.

Multiple Family Members

Dogs who live together at home may also vacation together At Walker Ranch! There is a $10.00 discount per additional dog.

For pricing details, and overnight rates please Contact Nicole.

Please note that all payments are due in full at the time of arrival. All dogs must successfully complete an assessment before being accepted. Shortened overnight stays will result in future credit to be used towards another overnight stay.

Every Dog Has Its Day.

***Reservations required for daycare.
Half Day rate equates to 4 hours or less

If you are interested in daycare accommodations please visit the GET STARTED page to begin the application process.

Upcoming Daycare Days: *dates may be subject to change

  • Wednesday 3/22 - Currently FULL
  • (Possibly Monday 4/3)
  • Tuesday 4/4
  • Wednesday 4/5
  • Thursday 4/6
  • Monday 4/17
  • Tuesday 4/18
  • Wednesday 4/19
  • Thursday 4/20

Dog Ranch daycare is an activity designed for social dogs to play and have fun in a controlled environment. Daycare provides an outlet for excess energy, exercise and socialization - both physical and mental. All puppies or dogs must successfully complete an assessment before being accepted into daycare.

Safety is a primary goal at the Dog Ranch, Daycare is not for every dog and it is not a place for aggressive dogs to learn how to be social. Daycare is limited in size and clients are required to make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

*Dogs who have not attended the dog ranch in 365 days or more may be required to complete another assessment. Unused daycare sessions result in a dog ranch credit for overnights or future Daycare days. No refunds will be issued for unused days. 

Adult to dog ratio & group size: According to many canine behavior experts the dog to adult ratio should be no more than 15:1. In our case at the Dog Ranch, it is less than 10:1 (information is according to the ASPCA guidelines). There should never be more than 10-15 dogs to any individual group no matter where you go. 

Accreditation:  Unfortunately there is no qualification driven accreditation organization for non-veterinary dog care facilities. However, in Collier County, Domestic Animal Services does inspect Walker Ranch to ensure the accommodations are well-maintained and safe. 

View the facility from the dogs perspective:  Is it safe?  Is it secure? Is there proper supervision?  Do the other dogs seem to be having a good time? Are there plenty of places and times set aside to rest? How long are they in a crate each day? Ask questions and feel confident in leaving your dog to be cared for at the Dog Ranch. 

Undesirable behavior management policies:  Discipline at many dog facilities is shocking!  You should always know what the policy is on discipline and ask exactly how it is enforced.  Walker Ranch uses positive reinforcement and is force-free.  Facilities should NEVER use harsh corrections.  

Education and developmental stimulation:  Does the daycare offer a day-training program?  What about dogs not in the training program but just the daycare program?  What programs are in place to ensure your dog isn’t just spending the day being exercised physically but also mentally and emotionally? Many people think the more they work their dog physically the more tired the dog will be. This is not the case and it is exactly why we choose to spend time working with the dogs mentally so they are also working on manners and learning to work with us. It is important dogs respect us and learn the rules and boundaries at Walker Ranch. Working with them one on one is a great opportunity for that. We also encourage our clients to educate themselves and always keep their dog involved in a training program or activity. 

Caregivers ability to communicate and act on the dogs’ communication:  You should feel comfortable with the humans at your dog daycare.  Staff education in dog behavior and body language is so important!  Again, look for a place with an individual with training experience or dog behavior experience.  All staff should be trained in the latest scientific findings in dog behavior and body language and should be well versed in the science of positive reinforcement. At the Dog Ranch it is important for us to always keep a close eye on each dog. We want the super social dogs to be super social together, and some of the more neutral dogs to know they do not have to hide or be worried about being bothered all day by other dogs. 

Consistent schedule of activities and development:  Your dog daycare should be able to give you an exact schedule for the pets in their care.  There should be organized play, education, cleaning, feeding, etc.  These schedules and policies should be easily and openly communicated by staff members to pet owners. We have a very clear and consistent routine. Dogs get an adequate amount of time to interact and be outdoors as well as interact and relax indoors. 

Keeping with your philosophy of care: Dog daycare facilities should only employ positive reinforcement and force free tactics.  Anything else is antiquated and scientifically proven to be harmful to your dog both physically and emotionally.  It is so important to not just ask if it’s a positive reinforcement facility but to ask exactly what that means.  How do they praise?  For what?  How exactly do they discipline and for what behaviors?  Do they know why their reinforcement and disciplinary policies work?  Can they explain them to you based on the latest scientific studies of animal behavior and cognition? All of these questions and concerns are welcomed and we want our clients to know exactly what expectations we have of each dog that stays with us and why. 

Temperament Evaluations: Every reputable doggy daycare should have a behaviorally sound temperament evaluation system. This is one of the largest weaknesses in many facilities. Ideally, this evaluation will take place over several hours so the dog is not rushed in his interactions or meetings with the existing dogs. A reputable doggy daycare facility should be able to tell you exactly how this evaluation takes place, why the person doing the evaluation is qualified to make an assessment, and what is and is not appropriate behavior throughout the evaluation. It is not enough to simply test a dog for aggression; it should be openly communicated to the dog owner if the dog is simply not having fun, overwhelmed, stressed, or unhappy. A reputable doggy daycare will let an owner know if daycare is not best suited for your dog simply based on the fact that your dog is stressed and not having fun, not simply for aggression. At Walker Ranch our half day of daycare assessment allows us to see your dog indoors and out. We like to see your dog with other dogs and without any dogs present. Some dogs may be stressed or nervous coming in to a new environment and we never want to force a nervous or stressed dog into a more stressful situation where they become too overstimulated or overwhelmed. 

Harvey and Max during daycare!

Harvey and Max during daycare!

New Puppy Program

Congratulations on your new puppy! I understand what a wonderful (and sometimes challenging) time bringing a new puppy into the family can be! While group classes (check out Lucky Dog Company) and public outings are certainly a plus, what about setting up your new puppy for success when you have to leave town? Walker Ranch provides a perfect plan and a wonderful opportunity for you to take advantage of basic training, socializing your puppy properly with other puppies and dogs, and familiarizing your puppy with a caretaker and new environment.

Purchase 10 or more sessions of Board & Train Daycare and save! 

The Dog Ranch has a puppy plan we encourage you to take advantage of by combining daycare, overnights, or 1v1 appointments to ensure your new pup can get some skill work, playtime, and sniff time in!

Basic Training

You have a new puppy...but where do you start? The Dog Ranch is here to help guide you!

You can request basic training with your daycare day, overnight stay, or as a 1v1 session. Basic training focuses on: rewarding, crate training, potty training, nutrition, play biting, surface exposure, engagement, impulse control,  jumping, socialization, walking, sit, down, stay, touch sensitivity, recall, release cues, leave it, and more!

We also encourage new puppy owners to take advantage of group puppy classes!


If you think that socialization means taking your dog to the dog park and throwing him or her into the mix, please think again! Your puppy is young, sensitive and in an important learning stage. It is important to find balance between the importance of focus he or she has for you and have the ability to be comfortably around other dogs.

At the Dog Ranch, dogs are hand picked based upon your puppy's personality and give your puppy an opportunity to first become comfortable with the environment and then add additional dogs into the mix.  


How nice would it be when you have to leave town that your puppy is already comfortable with where he or she is going to be staying for a short weekend or an extended period of time? New environments can sometimes be extremely stressful for a dog causing them to become anxious and exhibit some uncomfortable behaviors (loose stool, lack of appetite, etc). 

One benefit to getting your puppy involved in daycare or having trial overnight stays is to help them become comfortable. 

If you are interested on more information on getting your puppy started, please contact Nicole!

When Will My Dog Be Trained to Be Perfect?

Dogs have amazing cognitive capacities that are often untapped. Start working with your dog today to get the behaviors you want!

The Dog Ranch offers basic training services that can be combined with daycare, overnight stays, or as a 1v1 appointment. For more information please contact Nicole.

  • Puppy Training
  • Tricks
  • Basic Obedience
  • Conditioning/Fitness
  • Walking
  • Engagement
  • And More!

The Dog Ranch also has wonderful recommendations for dog agility training as well as group classes with local dog trainers. Depending on the wants and needs for your dog(s) it is important to find the right fit, 

For more information on dog training, please "Bark At Us!"

Pamper Your Pet.

The Dog Ranch is happy to provide your dog with the following services during their daycare or overnight stay:

  • Bath & Blow Dry - $35.00 *additional fees may apply for coat condition and coat length
  • Nail dremel - $15.00
  • Ear cleaning - $5.00 
  • Daily Maintenance Brushing - $15.00

The Dog Ranch does not offer full grooms on-site, but there is a pet-taxi service provided to transport your dog to a grooming appointment during their stay (as available). 



Give Your Dog a Bone.

We deliver locally. $15.00 delivery fee.

  • Add to your dog's stay
  • Order for at home

*****Click on products below and hover over image for details and pricing information*****

Fish Stock, Goat Milk & Raw Diets

Raw Diets, Raw Meaty Bones, & Freeze Dried Treats

Freeze Dried Treats & Snacks

Safe & Healthy Chews (NOT rawhide)


Send me a message with your order! You will receive an email confirmation and total.

Name *


We are so happy to have found Walker Ranch! Nicole provides a clean, safe, and fun dog friendly environment. As soon as Tahoe sniffs the air on their street, he knows where he's headed, and can hardly contain his excitement! We know he is happy there! Not only does Nicole love the dogs, but they are also very easy to work with. Like most people, I have a very busy schedule, and it is refreshing to find people like them. They are always reliable and flexible, which makes life a lot easier. We look forward to continuing a great relationship with Nicole, and Tahoe looks forward to many more exciting "vacations" at Walker Ranch!

Ok, I'll admit it....I'm in love with my dog. I've never had children but if having Lightning is any indication of what it would be like, then it's probably a good thing that I never had any, since everyone would most certainly consider me a "head case" because I would be so overprotective. Loving one's child, or in my case, loving one's dog is not in itself a bad thing, but it does create some problems. One of those problems is what to do with your most precious possession when it becomes necessary to leave that possession in the hands of another. Fortunately for me and Lightning, and Nicole at Walker Ranch appeared on the scene in the nick of time. Being a pilot, I am by nature of my occupation, absent quite often, and sometimes my absence can stretch into days. When the person I trusted the most to care for Lightning was no longer able to provide for Lightning in my absence, I was in a panic. I needed a worthy sitter for Lightning and I needed one quickly. I knew the Walker's from the agility classes that we both attended and knew that they were starting a business of watching pets while their owner's are absent. Ben and Nicole advertised their services as a "home like atmosphere" rather than your standard kennel type of boarding. That seemed to be the ticket, although I was still nervous about the situation. I went over and spoke with Nicole and she assured me that Lightning would be cared for like their own dogs, Chesnee and Settler. We did a "trial run" one afternoon, as Lightning can be a little "protective" of me. It was obvious that Nicole knew exactly what she was doing and I felt as if I had found the perfect place to care for my trusted companion. Now all the worrying (well most of it, anyway ) is behind me. It's obvious that staying at Walker Ranch is a treat for Lightning, as she is bouncing off the walls of my Mini and whimpering in anticipation, all the way to "The Ranch" when she is going for a stay. I feel as if Lightning has gotten the added benefit of socialization as she seems much more behaved now when she is around other dogs and I am with her. On a recent week long stay, Nicole was kind enough to text me updates and even send an occasional photo of Lightning enjoying herself, usually in front of the TV. I can't tell you what a relief it has been to be able to use the services of Nicole at Walker Ranch. If you are looking for a quality, conscientious, trustworthy sitter for your most beloved family member, look no further. The only warning I would give you is, be cautious.....your pet MIGHT not want to come home with you after a fun-filled stay at "The Ranch".


I have to say a big THANK YOU to Nicole at Walker Ranch for taking such good care of Foster for us while we were out of town. I admit that I was more nervous about leaving Foster than he clearly was! He loved the smells and feel of the outdoors to stretch his legs and loved being in the home and treated like one of thier own rather than in a kennel somewhere with non-stop barking! I was worried he'd be sad and miss us, but from all the pictures and updates Nicole sent me while were gone, it seemed like he was having the time of his life! We are going away again for a week this time and I feel so much more comfortable knowing that he will be loved and welcomed at Walker Ranch and that he will have a great time "at camp" while we are away!"

"Walker Ranch is my puppies’ home away from home. We are the parents to a golden retriever, Sammy and a Yorkshire terrier, Lucy. My husband and I travel a lot and Walker Ranch is the only place I trust with my babies. I love that they have so much outdoor space for them to play and they are not put in a cell at night like other dog boarding places. They get to sleep in their own beds so they feel right at home. I know that Nicole treats my babies like their own. There is no other place like this around!"

"Thank you Ms. Walker! We referred a potential hotel guest with a dog to Walker Ranch recently because we have a no pet policy here at our hotel. They checked out your website and Facebook page and were sold. They then booked our hotel and a week at Walker Ranch. Both our hotel guests and their dog raved about their Naples vacation. Thank you for being a good partner. We love referring guests to Walker Ranch!"

Nicole at Walker Ranch have cared for Brutus, my Chihuahua-Terrier rescue pup, on numerous occasions. Brutus had a tough early life and is usually extremely nervous about staying away from home for any amount of time. Not the case with Walker Ranch. The attention and care that he receives from Nicole had convinced Brutus that Walker Ranch is his home away from home.

I've tried several dog sitters and doggie camps but Walker Ranch is the ONLY one that my dog Chloe runs through the doors and is ready to play! It makes life so much easier knowing she is in such good hands (she is a bit finnicky and requires much attention) and enjoys herself! Voted #1 in my book!!

Our dog Zoey has been a "camper" at Walker Ranch on a number of occasions. Whenever we return to pick her up, we know she is happy to see us but, we also know that she is disappointed she is leaving. I think this is a true tribute to the care she receives from Nicole. They treat each and every dog as if she or he is their own, and we know they love their animals! Zoey has the opportunity to run and play outside on a regular basis. She also gets to hang out in their home in the evenings. It is truly a home away from home. Zoey has such a great time that I would consider taking her to the Ranch even if we were not going away. She has that much fun while there! I would not take Zoey anywhere else!