Let's Giddy Up!

1st step

call your vet! have them email over your vet records to info@dogranchnaples.com. I only take electronic copies for records, no paper copies. THEN, fill out the required application below! records are required in advance of the evaluation!

2nd step

once you've submitted your application and vet records have been received, you will receive an email to schedule your assessment;
complimentary assessment (generally 30-45 minutes) OR upgrade to a half ($25) or full day ($40) of daycare. the assessment is on site at the dog ranch and the owner does NOT remain present.

3rd step

finalize your dates and services once your puppy or dog has successfully passed its assessment. once accepted, use the online reservation request to submit your dates

Request to join the members only private group:

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The Assessment Process


- complimentary assessment
upgrade to a half or full day of daycare (daycare rates apply)
- dog attends assessment WITHOUT owner present to see how dog will react and function in a new setting


- initial greetings & reactions
- familiarization indoors & out
- introduction to a neutral dog
- evaluation of behavior, personality, demeanor
- evaluation of stress/anxiety
- house manners
- overall comfortability to exist in a new environment


- owner punctuality is just as important as your dog's behavior. be on time.
- please no retractable leashes
- food, toys, or treats are not necessary for the assessment
- please check your dog to ensure they are flea & tick free
- please inquire about breed and size restrictions and requirements
- dogs that are human aggressive or dog aggressive are not tolerated (may also include severe reactivity)

*All dogs are held to a high standard. If dominance, aggression, lack of control, excessive barking/whining or the inability to get along with others is observed once under care at the Dog Ranch, alternate arrangements will be recommended. The Dog Ranch is never willing to compromise the safety of any humans or dogs.

*The Dog Ranch does have breed and size restrictions.