Good Days & Bad Days

I had to take a slight break from agility with Settler since he decided to attempt to catch a rabbit in the pitch black the other evening. He ended up hitting a fence and I could tell his back left leg was not 100%. 

Last night was Settler's 3/4 Community Canine Class at Lucky Dog Company in Naples. While he typically is able to complete skills successfully, he can sometimes struggle working in the presence of other dogs. Last night....was not our night. Settler struggled at the movement and excitement of other dogs, especially dogs he felt were gravitating too closely to his "area." It was a rather stressful and discouraging evening as class went on, but today is a new day. This is definitely, without a doubt, the number one area I want to focus on with him. 

I started our morning with working some "relax" since Settler is almost always "on." I have also been keeping the toys out of reach since he ALWAYS decides to try to begin some type of training session if something is available for use. He did well on his cot even though he shifts his hips frequently to make sure I notice he is in position.