Moving a Different Direction

I have recently been rethinking my direction within dog therapy a bit. While Chesnee has successfully completed her Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, & Urban Canine, the final component is Pet Partners (or another similar therapy affiliate).

Unfortunately for me, my dog's health and wellness in terms of nutrition and vaccinations comes way before doing something "for fun" or for a hobby that sets certain parameters around nutrition requirements and vaccinations (especially when the individuals setting the requirements are not fully educated on the topics they are setting restrictions for). Pet Partners does not allow raw fed dogs and also does not allow Titers in place of vaccines. To me, this is just not something I am willing to compromise considering Chesnee's long health history. While we have the option of testing with a different organization, the options close by seem fairly disorganized when it comes to offering the test and I have become impatient waiting around. 

While we are eager to get back into agility and focus on growing within that sport, I have also become more and more interested in scent work. There was a time Chesnee did some tracking but we never progressed far enough to take it anywhere. I have decided I will begin an introduction to nose work through an online dog training academy. I will be beginning August 1st for a six week period to see how interested I am in this line of work. 

Looking forward to trying something new...