lack of quality control

i am one lucky guy. at least twice per day two gourmet meals are at my service. generally mom does not include any fruits or vegetables (i am a carnivore, i don't need carbs!), primarily because they are not necessary. some people may like to add for variety (or, just have never looked into it), but most need to be cooked or pureed for digestibility. our digestive tract is shorter and food spends more time in our stomachs and less in our intestines. it's too bad we cannot break down carbs well...because i certainly wouldn't mind a powdered donut every now and then.

unfortunately for you canines eating kibble it is probably impossible to get away from carbs. just please, please, please beg your humans to implement some REAL food! how do you think your humans would feel if they were forced to eat non-real foods at every meal (hm, well some probably do). eventually they would crave something real and wholesome! for kibble, those carbs and preservatives are necessary or else how would those big nasty bags of kibble have a shelf life (ah, yes carbs and fillers)?

very simply, the pet food industry is lacking quality control. kibble may sort of seem convenient but companies making these convenience packages of small crunchy things are unfortunately lacking quality and adequate quantities of proteins and other importance vitamins, minerals, and supplements.  i am sure you did not realize that your kibble could potentially contain slaughterhouse wastes, fillers (no nutritional value), contaminants, sugar, pesticides/herbicides, drug residues, artificial flavorings/colorings...yeah and a bunch of other horrifying ingredients. 

ok humans...think about it...if you ate a diet over the course of most of your life that was complete garbage and lacked nutritional value how do you think your health would hold up? besides obvious weight gain, diabetes, cancers feeding cells, just would not be a good situation. so, humans, i tell you. patience. patience with everything. patience with your diet, patience with mine. 

go ahead, look up who sets the standards for different kibble companies. perhaps the quality control advisories are members of the same company itself. makes me wonder!